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To Our Valued Customers,
In accordance with the New Zealand Government instructions to move to Alert Level 4, our warehouse will be closed from Thursday, 26th March until further notice.
Due to our warehouse being closed we are not currently able to fulfill orders.
We are working on systems to enable online orders to be placed but please be aware that they will not be dispatched until after the current workplace restrictions imposed by the New Zealand Government have been relaxed. All updates to online ordering will be provided via our website.
Thanks to all of our New Zealand team members and customers for their professionalism, commitment and loyalty over the last few weeks during these challenging times.
Please take care of yourself, your family, your elderly neighbours and broader community over the coming weeks.
We look forward to serving you again as soon as we can resume normal operations.
Electus Distribution New Zealand
25th March, 2020


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SLA/GEL Chargers

SLA/GEL Chargers

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12V 8A 8-Step Automatic Marine Battery Charger with Dual Output
Compact in size and feature-packed with intelligent charging.

Dual Input 20A DC/DC Multi-Stage Battery Charger
Manage charging from multiple sources.

6/12V Fully Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger 800mA
Fully automatic operation for keeping batteries charged constantly.

12V 150Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Absorbent glass mat embedded in the structure.

12V 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Absorbent glass mat embedded in the structure.

12V 75Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Absorbent glass mat embedded in the structure.

12V-7.2A/24V-3.6A 9 State Charger
This lead acid battery charger is suitable for wet, sealed and gel type batteries. It will deliver up to 7.2A for 12 volt batteries and up to 3.6A for 24 volt batteries.

Intelligent 6V/12V/24V 15A Battery Charger
An intelligent battery charger suitable for flooded and gel lead acid batteries including deep cycle batteries at 6V, 12V or 24V. The microprocessor c...

12V 1A SLA Battery Charger
A mains powered Lead Acid battery charger designed for 12V batteries

12/24V 15A 9 Step Switchmode Battery Charger
Nine step fully automatic 15 amp high current charger with maintenance charging of all types of SLA batteries as well as lead-calcium batteries from 5...

Automatic SLA Battery Charger 6V/12V/24V 1.2A
This switchmode SLA battery charger has an automatic function that cuts the charging current to near zero once the battery is charged

6V & 12V Heavy Duty 8A Car Battery Charger with Trickle Charge
This charger is suitable for both 6 and 12 volt car, boat, motorcycle and lawnmower batteries. Featuring 4-stage LED charge indicators, the charger ca...

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 Results Sort by 1