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Mastering the I2C Bus
RRP: $74.90
RRP: $7.50
Python Programming and GUIs
RRP: $74.90
Book - Programming & Customising the PIC Microcontroller
Tap into the latest advances in PIC technology with the fully revamped third edition of this brilliant book. Certainly the definitive text on the subj...
RRP: $129.00
How to Test Almost Everything Electronic
Electronics is a unique science - everything that's going on has to be deduced from visible symptoms and effects with very little that is actually...
RRP: $59.90
Mastering Microcontrollers Helped By Arduino
In this book theory is put into practice on an Arduino board using the Arduino programming environment.
RRP: $99.90
Arduino Circuit and Projects Guide
This book is aimed at those who have already had some basic experience in electronics.
RRP: $89.90
Arduino Workshop Book - 65 Projects
The book is very hands-on, describing 65 projects you can make.
RRP: $54.90
Arduino Robot Builders Bonanza
This book guides you through the construction of 7 robots that roll, walk, talk, slither and even sling insults at you. All projects feature the Ardui...
RRP: $59.90
Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius
Once again, not particularly evil, but another project oriented book written around Android-type mobile phones and the Arduino microcontroller. You ca...
RRP: $54.90
30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius
This is a practical project oriented book describing lots of projects based around the Arduino microcontroller. Be warned, there is nothing intrinsica...
RRP: $54.90
Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches
This entry level book explains what an Arduino microcontroller actually is (i.e. a very small stand alone computer), introduces you to the Arduino pro...
RRP: $29.90
Practical Arduino
Create your own Arduino-based designs, gain an in-depth knowledge of the architecture of Arduino, and learn the easy-to-use Arduino language all in th...
RRP: $69.90
Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics - Fourth Edition
Comprehensive, straightforward and well-written, this book covers everything from atomic structure to DC and AC theory, semiconductors, integrated cir...
RRP: $79.90
Electronics Demystified
Part of the popular Demystified series, this book teaches you electronics theory, it does not include projects. If you have enjoyed the Short Circuits...
RRP: $48.90
Wireless at War Book
The existence of electromagnetic radiation was first demonstrated in 1885 by Heinrich Hertz. After 1900 the potential advantages of wireless technolog...
RRP: $39.90
311 Circuits
Contains circuits, design ideas, tips and tricks for all areas of electronics.
RRP: $79.90
309 Circuits Book
Companion to the popular 308 circuits with many useful designs in audio, video, car, computer, hobby, home, test, power supplies, chargers and more. T...
RRP: $59.90
555 Timer & its Applications Book
The 555 Timer IC is probably the most used IC in the world. It will give an accurate timing range of micro seconds to hours. This book describes the f...
RRP: $8.50
Build Your Own Coils and Transformers Book
This book is a wealth of information, ideal for hobbyist or anybody interested in winding their own transformers. After the introduction the book cove...
RRP: $9.90
41 Projects Using 741 IC Book
BY M C Sharma. The 741 OP amp IC is very inexpensive yet is comparable to the best in respect of versatility and superb performance. We can't list...
RRP: $9.00
Short Circuits Vol. 3 Book
Over 5 years in the making, Short Circuits Volume 3 is the definitive electronics training manual. This book is far, far more than the weekend ³f...
RRP: $17.90
Short Circuits Book - Volume II
Once you have the basic skills and knowledge either from a School Design and Technology course, or tackling Short Circuits Vol 1, you can now have som...
RRP: $15.90
Short Circuits Book
Our first book in the series uses a learning system designed around a baseboard, which you use to mount their projects.All components are connected to...
RRP: $11.90
Jaycar Annual Catalogue - New Zealand
The 2017 Jaycar Electronics Engineering & Scientific Catalogue is now available!
RRP: $5.90
2015 Australian Jaycar Printed Catalogue
The Jaycar Electronics 548 page, full colour Engineering Catalogue for 2015
• 7060+ Products
• 620+ New Products
• 548 Pages
RRP: $5.90
Etch Your Own PC Boards Booklet
Need just one or two printed circuit boards, for a magazine project or a prototype for your latest design? It's not too hard to etch your own sing...
RRP: $2.00
CCTV Camera Installation Guide Booklet
Closed-circuit TV systems have many uses around the home and office - from keeping an eye on the family pool to office surveillance and factory monito...
RRP: $2.00
Kit Constructors Manual / Construction Guide
A must for amateur constructors. Contains much useful information for the more experienced. Huge amounts of information on construction and identifica...
RRP: $2.00
Silicon Chip Magazine
Get your SILICON CHIP at Jaycar.Silicon Chip is Australia’s world-class magazine for the electronics enthusiast. As well as a great range of fun...
RRP: $12.90
Silicon Chip Monthly Magazine
Get your SILICON CHIP at Jaycar.Silicon Chip is Australia’s world-class magazine for the electronics enthusiast. As well as a great range of fun...
RRP: $12.90
Solar Success - Complete Guide to Home and Property Systems
A complete guide for home and remote property systems, this book is about using solar energy to reduce the fossil fuel generated electricity that prod...
RRP: $69.90
Caravan and Motorhome Electrics
A comprehensive text written primarily for owners, designers and builders of caravans, campervans and motorhomes who face unique power demands and cha...
RRP: $59.90
Solar that Really Works!
The sun god Ra has been raining down free energy for about 4.5 billion years and only in recent years have humans developed the technology to capture ...
RRP: $59.90
The Meaning of Luck Book by Steve Waugh
In The Meaning of Luck, former Australian cricket captain and 2004 Australian of the Year Steve Waugh explores the concept of luck, based on his exper...
RRP: $29.90
Still Walking Book by Bill Moss
As a senior Macquarie Bank executive, Bill Moss AM built a global business in real estate finance, development and funds management that stretched acr...
RRP: $2.00
Showing 1 - 46 of 46 Results Sort by 1