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TV Radio MP3

TV Radio MP3

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Remote Control to suit Samsung Brand TV
One For All® Samsung television remote control
No programming required
Includes common Samsung features including Smart Hub
RRP: $69.90
Remote Control to suit LG Brand TV
One For All® LG television remote control
No programming required
Includes learning feature for additional functions
RRP: $69.90
Spring Clamp Suction Mount Phone Holder
Securely mounts to your windscreen.
RRP: $24.90
Turntable Stereo Hi Fi with CD player
Belt-drive turntable with a CD player and Bluetooth® technology
RRP: $239.00
Metal Microphone Bracket
Microphone bracket clip to suit most UHF/VHF receiver handsets.
RRP: $9.70
LCD Monitor Swing Arm Wall Bracket with Two Slide-In Locking Plates
LCD Monitor Swing Arm Wall Bracket with Two Slide-In Locking Plates
RRP: $74.90
Wooden Turntable and Speaker Set
Includes internal amplifier and speakers
RRP: $299.00
Rechargable Bluetooth Speaker
Compact enough to take anywhere, but loud enough to get the party started!
RRP: $159.00
KlikR Smartphone Controlled IR Remote Module
Organize all devices in your home via your smart phone.
RRP: $59.90
Bluetooth Audio Dongle with Transmit and Receive Functions
This multi-directional device can be setup to transmit, or receive...
RRP: $89.90
4 in 1 Dynamo Radio (FM/AM) Torch Hand crank Emergency Charger
This compact multifunctional device features a dual-function torch (single 0.5W LED or dual high brightness LEDs), FM radio and emergency siren
RRP: $36.90
Portable CD Player with 60 sec Anti-Shock
60-second anti-skip protection to keep the tunes playing.
RRP: $74.90
Portable AM/FM Transistor Radio
AM/FM tuning in a compact package.
RRP: $18.90
Caravan/RV Antenna Mast Clamp Set
Optimise your TV reception with this TV antenna mounting kit.
RRP: $29.90
TV Outlet socket with PAL and F Connectors
Never miss your favourite programs whilst travelling around Australia!
RRP: $36.90
White Roof Mount Cable Entry Cover
White Roof Mount Cable Entry Cover
RRP: $11.90
FL694LP 4G LTE TV Antenna Signal Filter F Type
FL694LP 4G LTE TV Antenna Signal Filter F Type
RRP: $24.90
TV Outlet socket with Double F Connectors
Unobtrusive weatherproof TV cable socket.
RRP: $36.90
Total Control 1 TV Remote
A single remote for a single TV. Nothing could be simpler!
RRP: $36.90
Total Control 8 Device Remote
Control up to 8 different devices with this easy to use pre-programmed remote.
RRP: $48.90
Docking Station and Dual Charger for iPad® and iPhone®/iPod®
Charging your iPad® and iPhone®/iPod® together at the same can be a bit of a nightmare, due to a lack of space or mains charger. Not anymo...
RRP: $39.90
Cover for Radio Head Unit to suit QM-3815/MDA015
Protect your marine stereo head unit against the elements with this easy to install cover. Fits over any standard head unit and is flush mountable. Fe...
RRP: $19.90
Variable Attenuator
May reduce ghosting in some cases. In certain situations you can actually receive too much TV signal. This attenuator (signal reducer) goes in line an...
RRP: $12.90
Two Way Splitter - F Connectors - Die Cast
These splitters are sealed and in a metal case with mounting bracket. They are suitable from 5-900mHz, VHF, UHF TV and FM radio. Requires F59 plugs.Th...
RRP: $9.90
F59 Coax Floor Entry Socket
White in colour.- Size 58 x 46(base) x 27(H)mm.- Accepts F59 plug both sides of this fitting....
RRP: $4.50
Plaster Board Bracket
Plaster Board Bracket...
RRP: $3.90
Indoor Splitter - 2 Way
Allows you to connect two TV, video, games, FM receivers etc to one RF plug, so you can run multiple devices on one outlet. Takes standard PAL RF conn...
RRP: $7.50
75 Ohm 4 Way TV Splitter
RRP: $10.90
Indoor AM Antenna
Stereo tuners aren't made with internal antennae. Most people listen to FM with their tuner, but for the rest who want AM, we have the answer - a ...
RRP: $24.90
Satellite Ku-Band Universal Single LNBF
LNBF for satellite installations. Suitable for receiving all single and dual polarised Ku-band satellite signals (eg C1, Intelsat and Pay TV).Specific...
RRP: $24.90
Satellite Finder with LED Display
Align your satellite dish quickly and accurately with this handheld satellite finder. Connected between the satellite dish and set top box the meter d...
RRP: $34.90
Ceramic Stylus Cartridge - Pack of 2
Pack of 2 ceramic stylus cartridges to suit Digitech turntables
Compatibe with:
- GE4056
- GE4077
- GE4081
- GE4132
- GE4136
RRP: $24.90
Stylus Magnetic Cartridge 1PC for GE4134)
Stylus Magnetic Cartridge 1PC for GE4134)...
RRP: $31.50
Portable Cassette Tape to MP3 Encoder with PC connection
Dust off your old cassette tapes and rescue your retro-chic 80's and 90's music collection with this tape to MP3 encoder. Simply install the i...
RRP: $94.90
World Band Radio with AM/FM, SW & DAB+
A feature rich world band radio that covers FM/AM/LW/SW frequencies as well as DAB+ digital radio.
RRP: $239.00
World Band AM/FM/SW/LW/AIR PLL Synthesised Receiver with SSB
Ideal for a novice ham radio licensor, keen fisherman or even just the outdoors type, this radio has everything you will ever need in a radio with the added function of single-sideband modulation (SSB).
RRP: $269.00
In Car DAB+ Receiver with FM Transmitter
Add crystal clear digital radio to your car with ease. Just connect this unit to your cigarette lighter socket and then either tune in on the FM band ...
RRP: $0.00
Used for creating a clean, flush mounted IR receiver. Simply screw the thread into the wall and connect the 3.5mm plug to your source device.
• C...
RRP: $11.90
Foxtel IQ2 Compatible IR Remote Control Extender
Allows you to control your video source devices like set top boxes, a Blu-Ray/DVD player, or even a HDMI switcher from another room. For those situati...
RRP: $69.90
Additional transmitter and batteries for AR-1821 Remote Control Extender
The AR-1821 Remote Control Extender has provision for a second remote control so you can control a second device, say a DVD or Blu-ray player, from th...
RRP: $43.90
LED Clock Radio with Night Light and Bluetooth Technology
Wake up on time everyday to your favourite music with this LED radio clock alarm.
RRP: $79.90
World Band AM/FM/SW PLL Radio
Truly an ideal radio for the casual user and the enthusiast. It offers FM, MW(AM) stations and three Short Wave (SW) stations which range from 1,711kH...
RRP: $219.00
Multiband FM/MW/SW Pocket Radio
A powerful little radio capable of receiving FM/MW/SW1-7 bands. Features full clock functions, an alarm, antenna, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for perso...
RRP: $34.90
PLL World Band Radio
A PLL world band radio loaded with a great list of features but easy to operate. Select from 5 available bands, FM, AM(MW, with 9k or 10k step), SW, L...
RRP: $99.90
Universal Remote Control for Air Conditioners with Backlit LCD
A feature rich replacement for a lost or broken air-con remote. The unit has an easy to read blue backlit LCD for night control and all the buttons yo...
RRP: $34.90
AM/FM/SW Rechargeable Radio with MP3
A tri-band compact, portable AM/FM/SW radio with built-in MP3 player and digital clock. Listen to your favourite local AM/FM stations or international...
RRP: $42.90
6 in 1 USB Programmable Universal Remote Control
Unlike a conventional universal remote control which is limited to the 'era' of its creation, the database of codes for this remote control is...
RRP: $39.90
Showing 1 - 49 of 49 Results Sort by 1