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PA & Party Equipment

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Mini Stage Laser Light with Battery
Ideal for anywhere a laser light show would be fun!
RRP: $89.90
Red/Green/Blue Mini Laser Light Show
Create a dazzling array of effects with 16 different display patterns.
RRP: $239.00
USB DJ Mixer
Spin up some tracks like a real DJ!
RRP: $119.00
Portable Wireless UHF PA System with Microphone
Using a convenient wireless microphone and self-contained amplifier/controller. Not only will it amplify your voice, but stream music or backing tracks via Bluetooth or audio cable.
RRP: $239.00
DMX LED Moving Stage Light
RRP: $459.00
7 x 4W RGB LED Par Stage Light
Add some colour to your stage or next party with these par lights. Each light features super bright LEDs that can change colour between white, red, gr...
RRP: $149.00
18 x 1W RGB LED Par Stage Light
Add some colour to your stage or next party with these par lights. Each light features super bright LEDs that can change colour between white, red, gr...
RRP: $94.90
Rechargeable RGB LED Mini Ball with Bluetooth
A magic ball that provides music and light for you party!
RRP: $94.90
3 x LED Party Light Kit with Stand and Controller
This unit consists of a sturdy metal stand that deploys from 1.3m to a massive 2.15m.
RRP: $459.00
Add some light and colour to your next party or function with this multi-coloured LED rotating light. It features 6 x different coloured LEDs covered ...
RRP: $69.90
Red/Green Mini Laser Light Show with RGB LED
A mini laser light show that doesn't skimp on features. It includes a full colour RGB LED that adds vibrancy and substance to each laser pattern b...
RRP: $209.00
DMX Powered Laser Beam
Unleash a barrage of atmosphere creating lasers at your next party, concert, or stage production. This model features an XLR out plug that allows you ...
RRP: $329.00
61XRGB LED Flashing Disco Light
A compact sound activated RGB LED party light that will help to create a fantastic atmosphere for any special event or occasions. It can be operated a...
RRP: $74.90
Mini Ultra-violet Fluoro Light w/ Torch
This will not fill a darkened party room with white glowing teeth. It works well in a small space, however. Includes a small spot light and hand carry...
RRP: $18.90
LED Table Lamp and Work Light
This sleek modern LED table lamp not only looks great but lasts up to 40 times longer than its incandescent rivals. The light produced by the LEDs has...
RRP: $89.90
Mini Strobe Light
Strobe lights must be one of the most popular lighting devices around. They have been around for years and just keep going. Our unit uses a xenon flas...
RRP: $34.90
Rotating Disco Ball with LED Spotlights
Create an amazing light show by hanging these lights on the ceiling to get the desired mood on your next party. Turn on and dance the night away. This...
RRP: $48.90
USB Turntable with Amp
Copy your LPs, 45s or even 78s straight to your PC, or simply listen to your record collection via the built-in amp and speakers. It also has an auxil...
RRP: $99.90
Carbon Fibre Record Brush
Vinyl refuses to die, and if you have a collection, you'll need to keep it in tip-top condition. Carbon fibre brushes are the best way to remove s...
RRP: $18.90
Adjustable Lighting Stand
This strong and sturdy lighting stand will extend from a minimum height of 1,530mm to a maximum of 3,650mm and is designed to carry up to 20 Kg's ...
RRP: $129.00
Rave Fog Machine
This tough fog machine will add the extra dimension to any mobile DJ setup, home party or disco lighting - with laser light shows, mirror balls and ot...
RRP: $179.00
900W DMX Fog Machine
The ambience and mystique associated with fog and mist is excellent at nightclubs, parties, and spooky film re-enactments. This unit gives you a range...
RRP: $229.00
Water Based Fog Machine Liquid 1 Litre
One litre bottle...
RRP: $21.90
Strawberry Essence Scent for Fog Machines
Strawberry essence additive that provides a more desirable smell to your fog machine. Just add a few drops to the fog juice container on your fog mach...
RRP: $24.90
Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine Liquid
For best results us our Bubble Mania bubble liquid Cat. AB-1222 (946ml)....
RRP: $8.90
Roadies Cable Tester
Simply plug the cable under test and turn the rotary switch. The LED array gives you an instant go/no-go status of each conductor path in the cable. W...
RRP: $94.90
Showing 1 - 31 of 31 Results Sort by 1