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Headphones / Earphones

Headphones / Earphones


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Wireless Infrared Headphones Twin Pack
Two sets of headphones run from the same transmitter.
RRP: $119.00
Stereo Earphones with Rubber Finish
No fuss earphone replacements.
RRP: $9.70
Bluetooth Sports Earphones
A quality audio experience without any cables!
RRP: $36.90
Over Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
Self-contained with Bluetooth, so you can freely to your music player totally untethered.
RRP: $59.90
Over Ear Stereo Headphones
Quality set of headphones.
RRP: $36.90
Crystal Earpiece - 3.5mm Plug
Crystal earpiece of high impedance with 3.5mm plug.Suitable for crystal sets or for experimental use....
RRP: $7.90
Magnetic Earpiece 3.5mm Plug
Magnetic 8ohm earpiece with 3.5mm plug connected.Suitable for radios, portable TV's, etc. Lightweight and easy to use....
RRP: $4.90
Kids Earphones with Volume Limiter
These earphones have been especially designed to help prevent damage to hearing that may be caused by listening through earphones at unsafe levels. Id...
RRP: $6.90
Gaming Headphones with Adjustable Microphone
A gaming headset designed for hardcore gamers who enjoy many hours of game-play and demand superior gaming audio, clarity, and bass.
RRP: $69.90
Gloss White Hi-Fidelity Stereo Headphones
Listen to your favourite music in high fidelity with these affordable and stylish stereo headphones. They can be connected directly to your Smartphone...
RRP: $49.90
Spare TV Neckloop Receiver to suit AA-2099
Spare receiver neckloop for AA2099 Infra-Red T-Coil Hearing Aid Transmitter.
RRP: $99.90
Infrared T-Coil Hearing Aid Transmitter and Receiver
An ingeniously designed infra-red TV Hearing aid system that utilises tele-coil (t-coil) technology for use with most common hearing aids.
RRP: $119.00
Stereo Inner Earphones with Built-in Mic
Quality stereo inner ear earphones with a built-in microphone. Enjoy hassle free music enjoyment without the inconvenience of having to remove your ea...
RRP: $12.90
Stereo Inner Ear Earphones
Low cost inner ear phones that offer superb performance. Great replacement for your tired or damaged MP3 or iPod players.Specifications:
• Speaker...
RRP: $8.90
Wireless Stereo Headphones with TOSLINK - 2.4GHz
Stylish wireless headphones with a digital TOSLINK audio input to connect your digital devices such as home theatre system, gaming consoles, CD and DV...
RRP: $159.00
Wireless Stereo Headphones with TOSLINK - 900MHz
Stylish wireless headphones with a digital TOSLINK audio input to connect your digital devices such as home theatre system, gaming consoles, CD and DV...
RRP: $129.00
Rechargeable Bluetooth Headset with Mic
Lightweight Bluetooth headset that can be connected with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Talk hands-free while driving, or connect to your Blu...
RRP: $59.90
High Quality Lightweight Stereo Headphones
Tipping the scales at a meagre 80 grams, these lightweight stereo headphones provide outstanding performance, clarity and comfort. Featuring high outp...
RRP: $31.90
Wireless Infrared Stereo Headphones (Also suits QM3752/QM3766/QM3776
Having the kids watching DVDs in the back of the car is all very nice, but you don't want to be blasted with endless episodes of Spongebob Squarep...
RRP: $47.90
USB Stereo Headset with Microphone
A true plug and play headset! It simply plugs into your computer's USB port and delivers excellent sound quality across all music styles. The 38mm...
RRP: $48.90
Secure Clip On Earphones
Ordinary bud type headphones are good for listening to music when you are out & about, but can fall out  when things get physical. These litt...
RRP: $17.90
Ultra Light Headphones
Quality headphones at a budget price. Terminates to a 3.5mm stereo plug with adaptor to 6.5mm supplied. Spare set of muff pads included.Drive Units:- ...
RRP: $9.90
Replacement Earphone Pads - Small 17mm
Earphone Foam Replacement Pads, 6 black mini sponge pads, for replacing soiled ones on earphones.- OD 17mm- Pack of 6...
RRP: $1.20
Lightweight Heavy Bass Stereo Headphones
Designed for extra bass performance.- Fully adjustable headband and speakers for greater comfort.- Supplied with 3.5mm plug and 6.5mm adaptor....
RRP: $17.90
Showing 1 - 30 of 30 Results Sort by 1