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2 x 75WRMS Digital Home Amplifier
This is a compact size stereo amplifier that delivers 75WRMS per channel. Designed to create efficient and high quality audio amplification by using t...
RRP: $239.00
2 x 50 Watt RMS Compact Stereo PA Amplifier
Uses digital sound processing to deliver the quality of a Class AB amplifier with the efficiency of a Class D. Features solid aluminium body, high cur...
RRP: $229.00
2 x 15 Watt RMS Portable Stereo Amplifier
This compact amplifier can run off 8 x AA batteries making it ideal for street performers, or by the AC adaptor included for a hi-fi setup at home or ...
RRP: $79.90
25 Watt RMS Compact Stereo Amplifier
A compact amplifier that can deliver up to 25WRMS of power per channel. It is ideal for home, office or a small workshop. Connect audio to the stereo ...
RRP: $159.00
Dual Channel / Bridged 400W Rack Mount Amplifier
Very versatile rack mount amps that suit a variety of applications. Add a small mixer and use them as a PA amp, or standalone as a foldback amp. They ...
RRP: $469.00
Dual Channel / Bridged Rack Mount Amplifiers
Very versatile rack mount amps that suit a variety of applications. Add a small mixer and use them as a PA amp, or standalone as a fold back amp. They...
RRP: $329.00
Low Cost Mains Powered Stereo Amplifier
This is a simple, fairly bullet-proof 18W/channel transistor amp and its surprisingly loud! It is ideal as a small office or workshop PA amp in church...
RRP: $49.90
2 x 100 WRMS Stereo Amplifier with Remote Control
This is a good looking, no-nonsense stereo amplifier that will form the heart of an impressive stereo system. The amplifier is rated at a generous 100...
RRP: $319.00
Response Precision 4 x 100WRMS Class AB Amplifier
Implementing the latest in cutting-edge design, our new range of ultra high-efficiency Precision Response amplifiers come in an unbelievably compact s...
RRP: $269.00
This tiny module uses the LM386 audio IC, and will deliver 0.5W into 8 ohms from a 9V supply making it ideal for all those basic audio projects. It fe...
RRP: $9.90
Universal Amp 12W Module M032 - 1 Channel
These small audio amplifier modules are suitable for a number of purposes. Modules available in 12W and 40W versions and have a range of suitable inpu...
RRP: $36.90
Universal Amp 3.5W Module M031 - 1 Channel
Ideal as a bench-test amplifier for audio sources, or even as a mono headphone amplifier, this small audio amplifier can be operated from 4.5 V up to ...
RRP: $29.90
Universal Preamp Module M040N - 1 Channel
For microphones and diverse uses. This mini-module is simply connected between a power amplifier and a weak signal source (e.g. microphone). Specifica...
RRP: $29.90
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 Results Sort by 1