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Door & Driveway security

Door & Driveway security

Wired video doorphone
Wireless video doorphone
Peep camera
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Magnetic locks
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Wireless Door Bell with Door / Window Sensor
A convenient way to add entry alerts to a home or a small business.
RRP: $74.90
3.5 LCD Camera Kit
RRP: $125.00
Vibration Knocking Sensor to suit Video Peephole Viewer
An add-on module to suit the QC3735 video peephole viewer, the vibration sensor detects when there is a knock on the door and triggers the image captu...
RRP: $59.90
PIR Motion Sensor to suit Video Peephole Viewer
An add-on module to suit the QC3735 video peephole viewer. The PIR sensor detects movement outside your door and wirelessly activates the image captur...
RRP: $69.90
Video Door Peephole Viewer with Image Capture
See who is on the other side of your door at the press of a button with this compact video peephole viewer. Using an adaptor to connect a camera to th...
RRP: $159.00
720p Wi-Fi Video Doorphone with Smartphone App
This Wi-Fi enabled video doorphone allows you to interact with your visitor even when you are not home.
RRP: $179.00
Wireless 7" Touch Screen Doorphone with Recording
Wireless and convenient doorphone kit with a 7 inch colour screen, perfectly suited for homes, apartments, villas, hotels and offices etc where a wired unit can't be installed.
RRP: $519.00
2.5 LCD Video Door phone with RFID access
Enjoy the peace of mind a video doorphone can bring. This stylish and high quality unit consists of an outdoor camera with door bell/entry button as w...
RRP: $269.00
Spare 3.5" LCD Wireless Video Receiver to suit QC-3400
Additional 3.5" LCD Wireless Monitor to suit QC-3400...
RRP: $219.00
Digital Wireless Video Doorphone with Motion Detector
Not your average video doorphone. This wireless solution utilises the newest digital 2.4GHz transmission technology; ensuring maximum transmitting dis...
RRP: $359.00
Counter to suit Doorway Beam (LA-5193)
Attach to our LA-5193 Door Beam units to easily measure the door entry count in your shop, factory or office.  The 20m lead carries both the sign...
RRP: $59.90
Commercial Grade Doorway Beam
Designed for use in shops, restaurants, doctors and dentist surgeries etc. to alert you to the entry of customers...
RRP: $99.90
Door Extension Buzzer (suit LA5193)
This neat and compact  buzzer  can be mounted anywhere and is recommended as an addition to our  'Door Security Beam with Reflector...
RRP: $41.90
Weatherproof Commercial Grade Infrared Beam
A heavy duty version of the common beam sensor used in doorway announcers, this commercial grade infrared beam is ideal for detecting when a person or...
RRP: $149.00
Electric Door Strike - 12VDC Fail Safe
Unlock your door with the push of a button - from the other side of the house or office! Designed for use with cylindrical lock- sets (commonly used o...
RRP: $26.90
12V AC/DC Door Strike release
Unlock your door with the push of a button - from the other side of the house or office! Designed for use with cylindrical lock- sets (commonly used o...
RRP: $59.90
Narrow Electric Door Strikes
Upgrade your conventional door locks to keyless entry electronic access. These new electric door strikes are suitable for narrower doors, and are now ...
RRP: $54.90
240VAC Plug-in Wireless Doorbell
Simple plug and play in design. This compact sized doorbell receiver plugs into a power point and is not much bigger than a slim line power supply, so...
RRP: $31.90
Wireless MP3 Doorbell
A wireless doorbell that plays your very own favourite MP3 song or message, or one of 16 pre-loaded polyphonic sounds. To load your MP3 file, simply i...
RRP: $36.90
Wireless Doorbell with 32 Melodies
Install a doorbell without the mess of wires and drilling. This simple home wireless doorbell has 32 melodies to choose from and is completely wireles...
RRP: $24.90
High Volume Wireless Door Bell with Strobe for the Hearing Impaired
When this doorbell rings, the sound is accompanied by several bright flashes from the receiver's built in strobe light, which makes it much easier...
RRP: $67.90
Two Station Wired Intercom
This intercom provides noise free conversation. Either station can signal the other even when the system is off. It can be used as a room/baby monitor...
RRP: $36.90
2 Station Wireless Intercom
Plugs into a 240V power point and will send to another room, upstairs etc. Both units need to be on the same channel and on the same mains phase to co...
RRP: $89.90
Showing 1 - 28 of 28 Results Sort by 1