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Mains Lighting

Mains Lighting

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Vanilla Scented Flickering LED Candle
Vanilla Scented Flickering LED Candle
RRP: $24.90
Universal Goose Neck Work/Camping Light
Project the light exactly where you want it.
RRP: $11.90
240V IP65 180 LED Light Fixture
This 240V LED light fixture is an ideal replacement for traditional flourescent lights.
RRP: $129.00
LED Night Light with Rechargeable Torch
Keep a light source in dark hallways or rooms. Comes with a handy torch. Great for kids.
• Rechargeable torch
• Sensor distance: 2-3m
RRP: $31.90
Flexible USB LED Light
This ultra portable and flexible LED light plugs into virtually any USB devices and gives you bright illumination with minimal power consumption.
RRP: $8.90
Viribright LED T8 Flouro Replacement Tube 10W 600mm Cool White
Power consumption is more and more a focus these days with power bills ever increasing and with traditional T8 type fluoro tubes being one of the most...
RRP: $46.90
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 Results Sort by 1