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Pack of 6 Table Tennis Balls
Never run out of ping pong balls with this handy 6 pack!
RRP: $11.90
Hyper 8-bit Retro Handheld Gaming Console
Self-contained personal game console.
RRP: $24.90
USB Fan Clock
19 tiny LEDs display the time in thin air!
RRP: $24.90
Anywhere Table Tennis
Drop everything for a spontaneous game of table tennis!
RRP: $24.90
Toilet Basketball Kit
Banish boredom from the toilet and live those basketball dreams!
RRP: $18.90
Universal Temperature Alarm Kit
Monitor the operating temperature of your fish tank, fridge/freezer, hot water system, incubator or anything else that needs a stable thermal environment.
RRP: $48.90
Mini Retro Arcade Machine
Play 300 built-in games, puzzles, and more. Perfect for travel!
RRP: $59.90
USB Keystroke Pranker
Will make end users believe their PC is possessed by malevolent spirits
RRP: $33.90
Domestic Ultrasonic Cleaner
Suited to domestic use this ultrasonic cleaner cleans all your  watches, jewellery, fountain pens, dentures, razor heads, printer heads, small si...
RRP: $95.90
Automated Electronic Bugs
Keep your kids entertained for hours with these small robotic creatures that fit into the palm of their hands! These autonomous, high speed creatures ...
RRP: $9.90
Digital Rain Gauge with Temperature
This Digital Rain Gauge with Temperature has a wireless self-emptying rain collector for measuring rain fall and temperature.
RRP: $119.00
USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
Collect temperature and humidity data indoor or outdoor
RRP: $69.90
Wi-Fi Wireless Station with 7" LCD Display
A professional wireless station with Weather Underground support
RRP: $599.00
Mini LCD Display Weather Station
Keep a weather station in the house to get a quick and accurate view of various weather parameters.
• Temperature range (Outdoor): -40°C to 65°C
RRP: $119.00
Portable LCD Weather Barometer with Thermometer and Hygrometer
A mini LCD weather station for mountaineers, hikers, and outdoor lovers
RRP: $36.90
Professional Wireless Weather Station with 7 Colour LCD and Solar Powered Sensors
A professional grade weather station coupled with a 7" colour LCD that will measure almost anything planet earth can throw at it. It's capable of ...
RRP: $499.00
Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor
A stylish multifunction weather station with weather forecast icons, moon phase display, calendar and more.
RRP: $79.90
Touch Screen Wireless Weather Station with USB PC Link

• Solar powered outdoor sensors
• Touch Screen
• Wind Direction
• PC & Mac compatible
RRP: $229.00
Spare battery for XC-0346 & XC-0348 Weather Stations...
RRP: $12.90
Ultrasonic Water Tank Level Meter with Thermo Sensor
Keep an eye on your outdoor water tank from the comfort of your own living room, up to 100m away. Installed at the top of your water tank, the transmi...
RRP: $99.90
Sports Stopwatch
This handy 1/100th of a second sports timer will be a useful addition to any sports bag. Not only does it measure elapsed time for up to 24hrs, our wa...
RRP: $15.90
LED Wall Clock with Calendar and Temperature Display
A large wall mountable LED clock that cycles between time, calendar (date/month), and temperature display. Features blue LEDs behind a black opaque co...
RRP: $149.00
LCD Clock with Thermometer
A slimline LCD clock that displays both the time and temperature simultaneously on a large, easy to read display. Stylish design with white face and s...
RRP: $29.90
LCD Alarm Clocks with Temperature and Calendar
With clearly visible size and stylish designs these LCD alarm clocks are ideal for your home or office workspaces. With several handy features they re...
RRP: $69.90
1kg Digital Bench Scale
Precision 1kg electronic scale with resolution of 0.01g for when a high degree of accuracy is required. Weighs in grams, ounces, pounds, grains, carat...
RRP: $219.00
200g Mini-Scale with Backlight
Extremely accurate mini scale suitable for a variety of applications. Measuring up to 200g, the large LCD is backlit and has a 100g calibration weight...
RRP: $83.90
100g Pocket Scale
Compact design, ideal for laboratory, diets, clinical, jewellery or lapidary work. Measures up to 100 grams with excellent resolution and weighs in gr...
RRP: $59.90
Digital Thermometer for Fridge or Freezer
Keep your fridge at the right temperature all year round. Simply attach the sensor to the desired position in the fridge or freezer and the thermomete...
RRP: $29.90
2MP Wi-Fi Digital Microscope with Professional LED Backlit Stand
This Wi-Fi digital microscope can zoom up to 200x, with a professional stand that allows a high level of control and stability for viewing subjects.
RRP: $299.00
Digital Mobile Microscope
RRP: $59.90
Power Microscope Kit
RRP: $9.09
USB Business Card Scanner
Scan and organise business card contacts simply to your computer. It is powered by USB and uses a 2MP sensor with fixed focus to capture clear images....
RRP: $18.90
Planetarium Educational Kit
Build your own Solar System!
RRP: $11.90
6-in-1 Solar Robot
6-in-1 solar robot kit for learning kids
RRP: $15.90
Additional Infrared Alien Bug to suit GT-4072 Gun
RRP: $24.90
Personal Healthcare Gift
An excellent gift for the health-conscious person for every day health monitoring. Includes: a digital thermometer for when you are feeling under the ...
RRP: $27.90
Personal Travel Gear Prepacked Gift
Can’t find a gift for the special man in your life? Here is a gadget gift pack full of essential electronic items. Comes with a two LED solar re...
RRP: $15.90
Luggage Scale and Adaptor Prepacked Gift
The ultimate gift for the regular jet setter. Don’t get caught out with astronomical airline excess baggage fees ever again with this portable 4...
RRP: $24.90
Multi-function Tool and LED Keyring Torch Gift
Pocket tool features super durable stainless steel body, stainless tools/10 functions: keyring, saw, nail cleaner, aluminium LED flashlight, Phillips/...
RRP: $7.90
Pre Packaged 3 Pack 9 LED Torch
This 3-pack of LED torches is perfect for travel, home or car use. Each torch features 9 durable rubberized body helps guard against accidental knocks...
RRP: $7.90
Novelty Choking Chicken
The Choke-A-Chicken flaps and waddles around doing the Chicken Dance, clucking and flapping itswings in sync with the Chicken Dance melody. Grab him b...
RRP: $29.90
3-In-1 Wet/Dry Groomer
Trim your beard, moustache, sideburns, nose, ear or other facial hair. Cordless and waterproof, the nozzle can be rinsed after use. Three attachments ...
RRP: $24.90
Mini USB Rechargeable Fan with LED Light - White
This 4" white coloured fan has 3 speeds and moves a surprising amount of air.
RRP: $20.90
Mini USB Rechargeable Fan with LED Light - Purple
This 4" purple coloured fan has 3 speeds and moves a surprising amount of air.
RRP: $20.90
Showing 1 - 50 of 72 Results Sort by 1 2 Next >