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Automotive Safety

Automotive Safety

Reversing cameras
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Breath Testers
Parking sensors
Car universal remotes
Automotive alarms immobilisers
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Spare 2.4GHz Digital Camera to suit Long Range Reversing Camera Kit
Pair up to two cameras on the monitor.
RRP: $169.00
2.4GHz Digital Long Range Reversing Camera Kit
Confidently manoeuvre your caravan, truck, 4WD or trailer with this wireless camera kit.
RRP: $389.00
6 Pack of Mouthpieces to Suit QM7308 Alcohol Tester
RRP: $5.90
Fuel Cell Breathalyser
Uses an internal fuel cell to measure alcohol.
RRP: $199.00
3G GPS/GSM Personal Tracker
Locate and track the whereabouts of a person, personal belonging or vehicle in real time.
RRP: $359.00
3G GPS Vehicle Tracker
3G GSM and GPS Tracking solution will locate and track the whereabouts of your vehicle in real time via the Internet on a computer or Smartphone
RRP: $359.00
1080p Rear View Mirror Car Event Recorder
A car event recorder inside the rear view mirror!
RRP: $179.00
Spare Wireless CMOS Camera to suit QM8046
Spare Wireless Infrared Reversing Camera to suit QM8046.Specifications:Power: 12 - 24VDCRange: up to 80mImage Sensor: 1/4IN Colour CMOSEffective pixels...
RRP: $139.00
Digital Wireless Reversing Camera with 7 inch LCD Display
Wireless reversing camera system offers up to 80m range
RRP: $389.00
Spare Alcohol Breath Tester Mouthpieces - Pack of 10
Spare mouth pieces for alcohol tester.
RRP: $11.90
Spare Camera to suit QM-3852 / RVC140
2.4GHz Digital Wireless Reversing Camera for QM-3852...
RRP: $129.00
2.4GHZ Digital Wireless Reversing Camera
A robust, easy to install wireless reversing camera kit to give you a clearer view of your vehicles rear. Since it is a wireless system it greatly min...
RRP: $289.00
Bus / Truck Camera with Infrared LEDs
At times, anonymity breeds disobedience and places like buses can become a haven for anti-social behaviour. Littering and vandalism can affect the env...
RRP: $159.00
4 Door Remote Controlled Central Locking Kit with Kill Switch
Lock and Unlock your car doors from a distance without having to fumble around with keys. Includes outputs to flash the indicators for visiual confirm...
RRP: $109.00
Remote Controlled Car Central Locking System with 2 Keyfob
Upgrade to a remote keyless car entry with this system. On rainy or windy days where you need a quick entry, unlock your doors as you approach the car...
RRP: $62.90
Spare Remote Control for LR-8839 Central Locking System
Spare Remote Control for LR-8839 Central Locking System. Supplied with one 12V battery (For replacement batteries use our SB-2422.)...
RRP: $24.90
Car Boot / Hatch Release
This great little gadget installs on your boot or hatch lock so that unlocking simply involves pressing a button (supplied)! Those technically minded ...
RRP: $47.90
Spare Remote for 4 Channel Relay Module
Spare Remote for LR-8824...
RRP: $29.90
4-Channel Wireless Remote Control Relay with 2 Key Fobs
Control up to 4 different devices with a single controller and key fob remote. The receiver unit has 4 channels, each of which can be independently co...
RRP: $119.00
Relay Transmitter Add-on for 4 Ch Relay Module
4-Channel Wireless Transmitter (Hard-wired Inputs) to suit LR-8824...
RRP: $47.90
Power Lock Relay
RRP: $8.86
Master Door Lock Actuator
Door lock actuator for Driver's door. Includes microswitch output to activate power lock relay LR-8818. Durable, waterproof and dustproof with Jap...
RRP: $18.90
Slave Door Lock Actuator
Door lock actuator used on passenger doors. Durable, waterproof and dustproof with Japanese mechanics, and supplied with universal mounting hardware. ...
RRP: $17.90
4 Door Power Lock Kit
Add that touch of luxury to your car with this low cost 4 door central locking kit, so when you unlock the drivers door the other three doors will als...
RRP: $49.90
Steelmate Car Alarm - Basic
An affordable car alarm that features voice feedback on alarm status and operational parameters such open doors etc. You get an 
• Electronic...
RRP: $159.00
Wireless Slave Immobiliser
Fit an extra immobilisation point to your current immobiliser or add immobilisation beside an existing or factory installed alarm or central locking s...
RRP: $26.90
Six-Tone Car Alarm Siren with Back-Up Battery
This compact siren has a rechargeable back-up battery pack mounted inside the unit, so if the wires are cut by a thief, the siren will sound and the o...
RRP: $29.90
Reverse Warning Mini Siren
Extremely easy to install on 12 or 24V vehicles. Beeps when power is applied, and features a mute function that you can connect to the parker lights t...
RRP: $11.90
IP67 Waterproof 12-24VDC Siren
Siren suitable for car, home or boat alarms. Features an ambient background level control which changes the volume between 75 and 97dB depending on th...
RRP: $36.90
Dash Mount Flashing Red LED 12V
With a metal bezel and a very bright 5mm LED, this flasher is excellent as a fake car alarm. Installed on your dash, thieves can be led to believe tha...
RRP: $8.90
Showing 1 - 36 of 36 Results Sort by 1